About Us

  • Our Mission

    Viswaprakash is formed in 2005 for the upliftment of Mankind Through Cost efficient Quality Education. We are a reputable, comprehensive, flexible and accessible Open Distance & e Learning Institution.

  • Our Vision

    1,Create an environment that supports teaching and learning as the top priority.2,Provide educational experiences and programs that enhance diversity and global perspectives.3,Enhance the infrastructure for research and creative activities. Our curriculum is based on Internationally Accredited syllabus,Monthly updated study materials and technology. Which makes you capable to be a professional of Global standards and skill level. Our Certification/Programs are valid in many countries supporting flexible e-learning programs.

  • Our Associates

    Viswaprakash is fortunate to have an expanding team of associated organisations who have complementary skills in the field of science,Technology and Mangement.It includes INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR EDUCATION & INTERRELATIONS TECHNOLOGY,SOFTPETALS EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION,BOARD OF ONLINE UNIVERSITIES,GLOBAL CENTER FOR TECHNICAL RESERACH and so on.It is a joint group of more than 65 Online Educational establishments, Open Universities & Consultants from Asia, MiddleEast & round the Globe formed to ensure Optimum level Education,Training & Certification,and it's a ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certified self financed Non-Profitable Organisation established for the upliftment of the Society through Quality based Education of Global standards.

About Viswaprakash

Viswaprakash is a Premier Open IT & E University. It is an intitiative of Digitrax-SoftPetals Educational Foundation in association with International Council for Education & Interrelation Technology .

Viswaprakash open it & e University is an accreditted institution by International Distant Education and Training Council. International Council for Education & Interrelation Technology The International Council of Open Distant Education & Fedaration of Open E-Universities We provide courses in a highly supportive environment that gears you towards future employability and puts you first.